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More than just a start up from a benchmark, Humaneyes Technologies brings to the table an innovative way of creating VR content. For us is a true honour to be challenged with the task of helping develop the VUZE CAMERA brand and explore the incredible possibilities it has to offer.


Taking upon yourself to build a brand is definitely an endeavour. Committing to be a responsible and sustainable brand from the very beginning, commands respect. Here's how Vuze is contributing to the world more than just amazing cameras.

360 VR Content is all about being in the middle of the action. This is exactly what makes so difficult to translate a three-dimensional DNA into a flat image. The key to it: Choose the right location. 

We went into the depths of Patagonia to shoot a campaign for the acclaimed VUZE VR Camera system, to prove that a powerful environment is the perfect ingredient for a good story.

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Deep into the south