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Get A Tailored Data Extraction Solution

Sometimes off-the-shelf won't cut it. We offer custom made web apps that have the look & feel of your brand and will help you capture the data you're looking for


The Best Tool For Managing

Influencer Marketing


+ Manage Influencers, Ambassadors and Loyal Customers 

+ Acquire valuable data and manage campaigns

+ Create automated communications and workflows

+ Apply the "look & feel" of your brand

+ Web-based, no installations necessary

+ Cost-effective, modular solutions


Not Just a Sign-up Page,

A Complete Suite!

You get total control and customization of the platform, to make it look like is part of your business.

+ Funnel individuals into separate data sets

+ Reward users with payments, products or discounts

+ Unlimited team members and users

+ Full control of your database

+ Legal & GDPR compliance assistance

+ Integrate newsletter campaigns

+ Direct chat-to-customer

+ 100% customisable forms

+ Generate private user pages and login


Tailor Made For Marketers

Take advantage of the built-in tools to manage content, newsletters and smart contracts.

+ Integration with MailChimp, Google Drive or Dropbox

+ Integration with social channels

+ In-web metrics and SEO tools

+ Paid members area or blog for loyalty programs

+ Integrated Blog and Guidelines tool

+ Data package downloads for members and users

+ A/B Module testing with controlled exposure

+ Unlimited Landing Pages 

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