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Collect And Use Data To Understand Your Audience, 

The Easy Way.

We help companies gather critical digital market information, understand their customers and boost their growth.

7 - 8 Figures Companies Trust Our Information to Make Critical Decisions And Stay At The Top of Their Game


By 2020 worldwide e-commerce 

sales are expected to be 3.5 trillion.That is simply 


And that's just with a 16.4% penetration. A data-driven strategy is no longer optional. 

Data-based decision making is something every company (regardless of the size) will have to incorporate in its process.


Although learning all the necessary tools to extract critical insight out of the data is not impossible, it is a long process. The complexity of the data we generate doesn’t help with the learning curve either, so -most of the times- doing it yourself is not a good option. 


But paying an agency to take care of this is, in our very own experience, slow, inefficient and most of the time, expensive.


Our service is designed to provide you with a solution in the middle. Where you get the benefits of technical knowledge with the support of marketing and design professionals for a fraction of the cost.

How Data Collection Works

1.- Your Objective

Tell us what you want to know: e.g What is the best color for a new product?

4.- Activate It

You will get a link to the landing environment and you can start pushing the campaign on your channels!

2.- Your Assets

Upload the all relevant media and information about your product or project

5.- Let It Run

We will track and organise all data collected and extract valuable insight.

3.- Our Concept

Our Marketing and Design experts will prepare and send you a proposal package

6.- Learn From It

You will get a detailed assets package and a report of activities with an appendix containing our insight and analysis.

What We Do.

Our company focuses on removing the noise around the topic of data, by providing clear solutions on how to gather it and extract concrete insight to activate on its results

There are many good reasons why your organization could benefit from collecting information and becoming a data-driven oriented business. Anywhere from improving your knowledge about your customer’s journey to understanding how to maximize your inventory or find out the best time to deploy an ad.


The benefits of looking at the vast-available data sources can give your business a significant competitive advantage. 

However, in a time where data is being produced at a pace we can barely understand or keep up with, most companies have little to no understanding on how to harness the enormous rewards in the use of it. 


Data analysis, done the right way can give you critical insight into your customers, competition, business environment or product and with so many techniques and unconventional sources of data today, we can get detailed information about customer intentions, preferences and habits, signaling when you need to make a tactical change or strategic pivot.

What Our Clients Say

" Working with them makes things easier. I can put focus on the what I want to know and they provide me with a solution to get that data"

Ingrid Megl - Marketing Manager Fjällräven Germany

Learn The Digital Marketing Secrets We Share With Our

Industry-Leading Clients


Market research has changed a lot since the times you could only do survey on the street and organize focus groups to find out an edge in the market.


Compared to the beginning of my 13 years of experience working in marketing, our capacity to produce and store data is now a corner stone of how we live our lives and how we experience the world.

It also changed the way we market products and how we -as consumers- make purchase decisions.


One thing remains the same: Market research is a key component of any business deemed to thrive in any market, and the need to obtain data to make informed decisions is -still- a "make or brake" for a company.

However, much like in the old days, market research required agencies and defined expertise. 


But let's face it, working with agencies has always been sort of a struggle for companies.

Communication and briefings takes long, while miscommunication and errors are abundant.

On the other hand, with a thousand different tool-alternatives in a fast-pace growing digital landscape and omni-channel strategies, a DIY approach is slow, and risky (unless you're bootstrapped and have no choice).

Inspired by services where you meet in the middle (semi-automated process) I decided to create a marketing solutions -I believe- stand right at that point:

"Something off-the-shelf, that, with a few adjustments looks and feels like a tailored suit but doesn't cost as much."

As a marketing Manager myself, I know the struggle it means to call the IT department, align the designer (if you have one), create the copy and put all of it together to generate a landing page.

Let's not even talk about setting up event triggers and goals on different metrics to get a precise idea of how the market is responding to a determined promotion.

Nonetheless the information you're looking forward to gather is determinant to enabling growth in the company.

Here at Blacksquid Market Research we strive to create solutions for this middle point. To give you the information you need, without having to pay enormous sums but getting actionable and valuable results.

And while we look forward to automate the bottlenecks away, we want to always keep the human touch and quality that will never come from an automated service.

If not, you get to keep your old agency and their old habits!

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